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Post  Warfare on Mon Mar 10, 2008 2:01 pm

Update 03-06-2008 Cool

Like a Star @ heaven Design
•Warpoint shop price changed.

* Arena armor: 100,000 WP
* Speed card : 5,000 WP

•FAQ_Main.txt’s content changed.

Like a Star @ heaven Gameplay

* Gamestart issues fixed.
* Some maps light is fixed and isn't dark anymore.
* Problems with the light after using alt-tab is solved in some areas.

•Trade is fixed. If two persons traded eachother only one window opened
•Formation Flights are fixed. You cannot request a formation battle/brigade battle in town.
•Keyboard/Mouse problem in window mode is fixed.
•If A-gear failed in warp, ground accelerator would be canceled.
•Armor color changes in warehouse is fixed.
•A-gear primary weapon’s radar system is changed.
•An issue with equipping items where the level is equal or lower than the character's level is fixed
•A-gear collision problem in map boundary is fixed.
•If loading a map takes too long the game don't crash after 1 minutes anymore.
•When user get stackable items by exact same time, it isn't shown twice anymore.
•Equipped item cannot be sold in shop.
•Gametitle has been changed.
•Effects of other users are shown corretly now.

Like a Star @ heaven Graphic
•Minimap string bug is fixed.
•Diffrent interface changes.
•Some operator explanation images were not shown at lower resulution than 1024x768.
•Chat balloon was broken in case of a too long chat text.
•In case of a too long character name warehouse’s character's name was broken.

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