Update Flysis to AirRivals without download the client

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Update Flysis to AirRivals without download the client

Post  Warfare on Tue Mar 11, 2008 3:27 pm

We know many of ppl have low speed network... so now, you can update the game without download the full client Cool Very Happy
Just follow all steps.

Like a Star @ heaven Step 1:

Rename the folder "Flysis" in Program Files\Gameforge4d to "AirRivals"

Like a Star @ heaven Step 2:

Download and run the installer for the patch(34MB)


Note: It should pick up the right folder itself, if it doesn't just direct the installer to the Flysis folder you renamed to AirRivals.

Like a Star @ heaven Step 3:

Download and run the file to make the changes to the registry required for AirRivals:


That should be it, if you had Flysis installed to on a drive other than C: the "airrivals.reg" needs to be editted in notepad to the proper drive.

Also be sure to delete the flysis shortcut on the desktop

Enjoy Wink

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